A DELICIOUSLY Hearty Charlottesville Destination

In September 2001, a little restaurant across the tracks called the Bluegrass Grill and Bakery opened it's doors, boasting made from scratch dishes and homemade bread, biscuits and sweets.

Some things have changed since then--staff, menu, owners, decorations, ideas and direction. Some things have not--we still bake all of our bread, biscuits and sweets. We still make almost everything from scratch. We've added some things and changed some along the way. We are still committed to serving wonderfully creative food at decent prices.

At Bluegrass, we love brunch. We love the idea of brunch. We love thinking about brunch. We love talking about brunch, how to make it better and more exciting. We love integrating new ingredients or playing with old ideas to breathe new life into them. Everyone on staff has an opportunity to contribute ideas at any time. We love bacon and anything to do with bacon. We love putting bacon into anything we can. Seriously.

We love seeing your faces when you try something new. We love hearing that "it's the best I've ever had". We want to be the place you take your partner, parents, grandparents, friends and colleagues. We want to hear, "Dude, you HAVE to eat here before you graduate!" We want to be a part of your routine.

Welcome to the Bluegrass Grill and Bakery, we truly hope you enjoy your Bluegrass experience!

Relax.....we have bacon!