Do you take reservations/call aheads?
No, we do not. Tables are generally sat on a first come, first serve basis.

Do you serve alcohol?
Yes, we do, but only brunch drinks like Mimosas, Bloody Mary's, etc... There is a full list under the tab "Weekend menu".

What is the average wait time on the weekends?
For a party of five or less, the wait time is generally 45 minutes. For a party of 6-10, the wait is more like one hour plus. The reason for that is we only have one table that seats 6 and one that seats up to 10 (maximum). We do not pull tables together because the dining space is already very tight and moving tables makes it very difficult for our staff to move around and could possibly block the only way in or out.  If you are a large party and willing to split up your table, that may expedite things, BUT we cannot guarantee the tables will be next to each other. Which brings me to the next question.....

What's the largest party you can seat?
10.....and it's a very tight ten. It is really ideal for eight.

How does the list work?
Typically, on a Saturday or Sunday, there is a wait. Walk in the door, turn to your left and sign the list.... Your name and how many in your party. Children(not in car seats) count as seats. Wait. Read the FAQ which is next to the list. Please, please do not leave. If you do leave and come back "45 minutes" later, we may have already called your name and crossed you off the list.....and you will have to start over. What happens A LOT is people sign up and leave and never come back. There are times the hostess/server will call 5-10 names before someone answers and gets sat. 45 minutes can become 20 very quickly. If you are a larger party and there is not a table for you yet, you WILL get skipped until a table opens up. You are not off the list. We just can't seat you yet. And please, the person handling the list is really trying to get you sat and fed as fast as possible....seriously. Trust the fact that the staff knows what they're doing.

Do you take credit cards?
Not at this time. Pretty old fashioned, huh. We just got a web site after 15 years. It will happen eventually. We do take cash(ATMs on the Downtown mall, a block or so away) and checks from anywhere.

Do you have gift certificates?

Do you do take-out on the weekends?
No we do not. It's really, really busy on the weekends and the kitchen is already maxed out with tables in the restaurant. We do accept take-out orders Tuesdays - Friday..